Exterior Cleaning Services

With over 10 years of professional experience, Photo Finish Detailing has been defining what quality auto detailing means. Quality means taking the time to identify exactly how to treat any situation and spend the appropriate time to ensure it is done correctly. Our proven methodology allows us to apply what is optimal for your vehicle. We take the time to understand each customer’s individual needs to ensure every detail is a quality experience to remember.

Basic Exterior
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Safe and Sound

Our goal is to give you the safest yet best wash possible.

Like Brand New

On all of our exterior washes we take extreme precaution to not add any unwanted swirls, scratches, and marring marks into your paint.

Wheels, wheel wells & tires individually cleaned.
2 bucket wash with grit guards.
Foam bath to loosen up all dirt and debris on paint.
Thorough rinse of the vehicle
Blow out all crevices and hand dry paint.
In-depth windows cleaning.
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The cleanest clean.

This detail includes all the proper steps to thoroughly clean your paint of any embedded contaminants, old waxes, and old sealants.

A fresh start.

We recommend following a decontamination detail with a Paint Correction.

Iron and Fallout spray is applied to all painted surfaces, and wheels.
Proper hand wash and dry with a specialized decontamination soap.
Clay bar to remove embedded contaminants from the paint.
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Paint Correction
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Get your shine on.

Decontamination to remove all embedded contamination. We then machine polish your paint back to a deep shine.

Different stages of paint correction.

Removing all swirls, oxidation, and marring that may be on the paint. There are different levels to paint correction. Our most popular is a single stage which will remove 50-90% of defects.

Our full decontamination detail.
A Machine applied one step compound/polish.
Remove leftover compounding residue/oils.
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Has a disaster happened to your vehicle?

Photo Finish can handle all types of exterior cleaning.
Ask us about your DISASTER DETAIL options.